Make Life More Organised with a Form Fill App

Parents of large families seem to be continuously filling out school applications, doctor’s forms, extracurricular class applications and forms to admit your children into all the special interest organisations of an active school life. But every time you’re faced with filling out yet another form you probably have dreaded the repetitive nature of the task and wished there was an easier method. 

Now there is. With a form fill app, you have the ability to keep all the information required of all your children right on your smartphone. You can separate the data into categories that match the informational needs of the forms. Think of the time-saving possibilities. 

 Quick and Easy Filling of Multiple Forms

If you’re planning an exciting overseas family holiday, it often entails applying for visas to the country you’ll be visiting. But everyone needs to have their own visa. With a form fill app, the repetitive task can be done in minutes. And it’s accomplished safely and securely by using a QR code to transmit the information.

And with your kids possibly attending different schools, you need to keep a record of transcripts and other vital school-related information for each child. The form fill app allows you to create a secure data locker that holds many files of different details. And these files are easily updateable. At the end of the school year, you can simply add the new transcripts to each child’s file. 

For organisations that require official image copies of forms, such as loyalty cards, passport images and official transcripts, the app stores these images on your device using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These images are stored in alphabetical order for ease in locating. 

 Transfer Personal Data in Complete Safety and Security

Personal data privacy has become a hot issue these days. With many countries enacting laws that protect their citizens against companies that sell their data without permission, people have learned how valuable their personal data can be. 

By using the QR codes as the medium to transfer your personal data, your information is completely encrypted and unavailable for any third party to access. Beamdata is the company responsible for the innovation of the private data locker and the automatic form fill app. By incorporating QR codes into the transfer of your information, no unauthorised users can see or use your data, not even Beamdata. 

The use of QR codes also speeds up the transfer process making it possible to fill out numerous forms, such as job applications, quickly and easily and ensure that you’re supplying the correct information every time. 

For busy parents of a large household, the benefits of a form fill app promise less time spent typing in relevant information and more time spent with your family. 

Maybe the best part is that the data locker app is absolutely free to individuals. Download the Beamdata data locker with the form fill app today and enjoy the extra time savings and accuracy of the data you provide to governments, schools, jobs, doctors, credit card companies, and much more.