Burmese maid returns over 100k to owner.

A Burmese maid returned over 100k of cash to the owner. The female employee from Myanmar was working as usual in a mall when she came upon a wallet with over 100k inside, instead of keeping the cash she made the righteous decision and returned it to the true owner. The story was shared online on 27 June 2020 by Facebook user Wachira Charoenan, the owner of the wallet. Wachira posted that she accidentally left behind her wallet while at a mall. She visited a local Big C in Chanthaburi Province on the 26th. She was with a friend and needed to go to the bathroom, so she left the wallet with her friend. 


The pair left after leaving the bathroom and were already driving somewhere else when she realized that her wallet was gone. Charoenan started looking for her wallet and had already lost hope, believing that there was a very low chance that someone would return it. She had stored over 300,000 THB in the wallet but after paying credit card bills she was left with about 150,000k when the wallet went missing. Charoenan drove back to the Big C right away and asked to see the security camera footage. 


Another employee at the mall informed Charoenana that a Burmese maid was holding a lost wallet as she found it while working. The maid is Tin Tin Shu, she informed the employee after the wallet was found, in case the owner came looking for it. Tin Tin Shu was cleaning the men’s bathroom where the wallet was left behind. Tin Tin Shu was holding the wallet because she knew that the owner must be looking for it, she also realized that someone else would probably keep hold of it if she left the wallet where it was. Charoenan stated “Thankyou to the Burmese maid and employees at the Chanthaburi Big C for such good care. I am very impressed and already expressed my appreciation as a gift for the maid. I thought the wallet was going to be lost forever, as there was a lot of cash inside. Thank You again”. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Tin Tin Shu the honest maid kept the wallet safe and returned it to the rightful owner. 


Source: Sanook