DSI smashes international stock fraud gang

THE Department Special Investigation has arrested an international gang consisting of both Thai and foreign swindlers who conned their victims into investing in stocks with losses adding up to 1.7 billion baht, INN News reported this morning (Dec. 15).

Pol. Col. Paisith Wongmuang, head of DSI, and Pol. Col. Songsak Raksakul, the department’s deputy head, the conmen talked both their victims into jointly investing in major international index funds.

After DSI received information from over a thousand victims of this fraud network a clear picture emerged they tricked their victims into jointly investing in index funds overseas.

They were offered a high return of 3 to 20% a month depending on which package they chose to invest in with the option of leaving the fund anytime at all.

The gang built up confidence in various ways and losses amounted to over 1.7 billion baht, the DSI chief and deputy chief said.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 2 Thais,  Mr Rattakhet and Ms Kanokulm ,and 8 foreigners. Eight targeted places both in Bangkok and the provinces were searched and more papers and evidence obtained, and this will lead to more arrests, they added.


Top: A fraud key on a keyboard. Photo: GotCredit (source: GotCredit.com)