Fake agent arrested after getting away with 400k for 10 years.

A fake agent has been arrested 10 years after his arrest warrant was issued. The man has gotten away with 400,000 THB for 10 years. The suspect admits that he makes sure to frequently change his home address but was finally arrested in Rayong Province. Police Lieutenant Colonel Polwut Pathinuwat and other related officials arrested Prayong wanted by an arrest warrant issued by the Phra Nakhon Nuea Court on 19 July 2011. The arrest warrant was issued on charges relating to fraud. Prayong was finally arrested in the main city of Rayong Province. 


It all started when Prayong and joint suspects met with a victim in 2010 at a local gas station in Bangkok. The deal was to complete a contract of suretyship set at 4 Million THB for a bank. The money was to be used in an investment. Prayong and friends claimed that they knew a big guy in a bank who could help speed up the process in exchange for a payment of 400,000 THB. The victim believed the group and ended up paying the money. When the date of the contract came Prayong and friends went missing. At first, they came up with excuses and after a while, they just disappeared. The victim went to file a report with the Phaholyothin Police. Investigation officials collected evidence and submitted it to the court. 


An arrest warrant was issued in 2011 but Prayong hadn’t been found until this year. On 23 September 2020 Investigation officials received information that Prayong has been living in the main city of Rayong Province. Officials went to inspect the area and spotted Prayong. Praying was arrested on the spot. The suspect has admitted to committing the crime and gave the reasoning that his friends were fake real estate agents. They invited him to become a part of the team to find some money. He has been on the run for 10 years making sure to frequently relocate believing that police have forgotten about him. Prayong has been delivered to the Phaholyothin Police Station waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Prayong committed the crime in 2010 and is now arrested in 2020. 


Source: INN News