Hotel Employees unpaid, over 10M THB in total.

Employees of a Luxury Resort have filed complaints after they were never paid for their work. Over 200 workers were left unpaid, coming to a total of over 10 Million THB in unpaid wages. This is a luxury hotel in Chiang Mai Province that is now out of business, but the employees were never properly paid for their work. The group went to file complaints at the Chiang Mai Department of Labour and Welfare. The employees stood in front of the Chiang Mai Town Hall with signs protesting the luxury resort’s actions on 14 May 2020, Khaosod News reported.


Credit: Khaosod


The employees used to work at Dhara Dhevi Resort in Chiang Mai, a 5-star hotel, and are known as one of the most expensive hotels in the province. About 70 employees are representing over 200 unpaid employees. The group is led by Mangkorn Sorachai 50 years old, the entertainment manager who worked at the resort for 8 years. Mangkorn has filed a letter to the Department in hopes of finding justice for the group. Mangkorn revealed that the employees were not paid for their work from February to May 2020, a period of 4 months. Officials at the department accepted the letter and invited 3 representatives from the group in for a meeting at the department.


The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes. Mangkorn stated that in February the boss had paid the employees only 50%, then in March, it was reduced to 25%. As for the wages from April-May has not been paid at all. There are over 200 unpaid employees with wages ranging from 9,750 THB to about 100K per month. The total money owed to these employees amounts to over 10 Million THB. The resort shut down the business early in May and left the employees unemployed.


Mangkorn stated “The hotel started having problems when they changed the management team 5 years ago. Then about 2 years ago they started having financial problems but the business continued on as usual. There were always customers so the employees believe the resort has the necessary funds to pay their workers. Then one day one of the managers informed employees that the hotel was not able to pay the salaries, but there was no explanation as to why. Hopefully, the group will receive updates within next week, if not we will take the issue to the Labour Court in search of justice”.


FB Caption: A 5-star resort in Chiang Mai owes over 10 Million THB to over 200 employees.


Source: Khaosod