Kerry Express welcome taxis as delivery drivers.

Taxi drivers are turning towards working for Kerry Express in the Covid-19 situation. Malls are closed and people are working from home, with a lot of free time and need for essential goods there are not enough delivery drivers to keep up with the shipping. Kerry Express, one of Thailand’s largest delivery companies, has thought of a plan to turn bad times into opportunities for Taxi drivers. Taxis in Thailand are having a very hard time right now due to no tourists and fewer locals using their services throughout the day. Most taxi drivers are not making enough money to even pay their daily rent costs for the vehicle.


Facebok user: Chaimongkol Khantura


A Facebook user named Chaimongkol Khantura shared the story of how taxi drivers can now sign up to become a temporary delivery driver for Kerry. Not only will the taxi drivers find another good source of income to help their family survive through the pandemic, but customers will also be happy as parcels can now be delivered on time and received in less than 2 days. Chaimongkol posted “Kerry Express has found a great solution. Kerry, the shipping company has faced a lot of problems as there are so many parcels during this time and the delivery drivers cannot keep up. During bad times, the company is welcoming taxi drivers to join in as extra delivery drivers.


We realize that Taxi drivers are facing extremely difficult financial struggles right now. Instead of delivering passengers, taxis can now deliver parcels instead. It’s a good job that doesn’t take too much work. Taxis will have to drive no further than 10 kilometers for about 2 hours in exchange for 600-700 THB. The taxi drivers are happy, one said that during this time he only makes about 300 THB per day and working as a delivery driver has helped him make more money. Thank You to Kerry for seeing the value in taxi drivers”.


Facebok user: Chaimongkol Khantura


FB Caption: Taxi drivers are making no money during this time, with the opportunity they can now deliver parcels for Kerry and receive 600-700 THB.


Source: Khaosod, Facebok user: Chaimongkol Khantura