Man couldn’t buy alcohol, attempted to blow up ATM

A drunk man became furious after he ran out of alcohol and couldn’t purchase more, so he decided to light an ATM on fire believing it was going to blow up. Police Lieutenant General Montree Yimyam along with officials from the Rayong Police arrested Kittipong Soisuea 30 years old also known as Yo in the area on 13 April 2020. Yo admitted to burning an ATM that belonged to the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) located in Ban Kai District, Rayong Province the previous night before at 23.00 (12 April 2020). 


Yo admitted that he was the person who tried to burn the ATM down. Before committing the crime, Yo was sitting alone in his room drinking Thai rice whiskey. He lives in an apartment close to where the ATM was located. Yo ran out of alcohol and wanted more so he left the room and drove his motorbike outside. Yo drove around looking to buy alcohol but no stores were open because it was past the curfew time set at 22.00-4.00. Yo became furious and had the idea of blowing up an ATM. He went to find a gas tank and used it to burn the ATM. 


Yo kept on lighting fire hoping that the ATM would explode. Time passed by and the ATM was still intact so Yo gave up and went back to sleep in his room. The suspect made a huge mistake, he left behind the motorbike and the gas tank right next to the ATM. Naret Sangarun the village chief found out that Yo was the ATM burner which led to the arrest. The suspect claims that he didn’t want the cash inside and the crime was purely from anger. This is not the first time the suspect played with fire, he previously burned a villager’s car.

FB Caption: Yo broke the curfew to buy alcohol but all the stores were closed. Yo got angry and tried to blow up an ATM machine with a gas tank. 


Source: Sanook