Money mules arrested, granny loses 1.3M THB.

Money mules have been arrested relating to a scam that robbed a granny of 1.3 Million THB. The scammer pretended to be the victim’s grandchild One money mule admitted she wanted to find money for gambling. Police Major General Montri Teskan along with related officials arrested Witawas Sribunruang 21 years old, Somporn Jambap 57 years old, Orasa Yakasa 46 years old, Suntornwat Mahakijsiripakdi 31 years old, and Pasapon Yuchim 27 years old. The group called the victim claiming to be her grandchildren. Once the granny believed, they asked to borrow 1.3 Million THB. The victim filed a report with the Pho Klang Police in Nakhon Ratchasima Province.



Investigation revealed that some suspects resided on the border and the money was going through money mules. Police sent the evidence to the court which issued the arrest warrants. Local police worked together with central police on the investigation. Officials collected evidence that showed the scam was the work of many persons. These suspects work on the border and can easily cross into Thailand’s neighbouring country to gamble. Once they run out of money, they return home in Thailand to find more victims and the cycle of gambling addiction continues.



The suspects realized in this case that police discovered their identities and went into hiding but many still remained in the border area. Orasa, a money mule admitted to police that she had sold her Thai bank account to a Cambodian man. She met this man at a casino in Cambodia. Orasa is addicted to gambling and sees this as an opportunity to make easy money for her hobby. The remaining suspects all denied having a connection to the scam. All suspects have been delivered to the Pho Klang Police Station waiting for prosecution.


Credit: Khaosod



Source: Khaosod