Officials checking 140,000 baht hair extension

OFFICIALS have moved in to investigate a beauty parlor in central Nakhon Pathom province which charged a client 140,000 baht for a hair extension, Thai News Agency reported this morning (June 20, 2018).

Commerce Ministry and Consumer Protection Board officials are checking whether the pricing and service of this shop is suitable or not.

However the beauty salon owner, Ms Nathida Musri, 36, maintains that the price is right because this is bird feather extension, which is a style she invented herself, and is a more detailed work than other styles.

The Thai-language daily Matichon said a video clip going viral shows 2 men punching each other up with a woman in the background yelling, “cost of hairstyle was 140,000 baht.”

The newspaper quoted the client, Ms Namphung Chantramechai, as saying she asked how much an extension cost, and the shop owner told her for the best grade it is 4,000 baht a layer and she would have to wait a week because she needed time to order it.

She then settled for a lower grade, costing 2,500 baht a bunch, but when she asked 7 to 8 times for the total price, she did not get an answer.

beaty parlor bill

“They did my hair till 4 a.m. and gave a bill of 143,160 baht, I got a shock and asked whether there was a mistake because I had 40,000 baht in a bank account, but the beauty shop owner forced me to show the account and transfer all the money to her, which I did because I was alone,” she said.

However, the beauty parlor owner, Nathida said there is a sign clearly stating that the cost of an extension is 4,000 baht and the client needed 24 rows because her hair is short.

She also denied forcing her client to transfer dmoney.


Top: The pricey beauty salon. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: The hefty bill the client got. Photo: Thai News Agency

First below: The beauty parlor owner showing the hair extension she uses. Photo: Thai News Agency

Second below: The hair extension rate chart at this beauty parlor. Photo: Thai News Agency

overcharing beauty parlor

hair extension price