Rabbit Life introduces ‘Rabbit Life Earn 3/1’

Rabbit Life Insurance proudly presents its latest product, ‘Rabbit Life Earn 3/1,’ a short-term savings plan offering high returns for investment. This plan requires only a one-time premium payment and provides a 2.75% of the sum insured amount at the end of the first and second policy years. Moreover, it provides life coverage for 3 years with 105% of the sum insured amount, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to invest without bearing unnecessary risks, thereby securing a prosperous and stable future.


Mr Korn Chinsawananon, Managing Director of Rabbit Life Insurance, stated, “The changing times have led to diverse preferences among people, especially the younger generation who seek a challenging lifestyle in order to explore new experiences, particularly in investment. Presently, we observe a growing trend among new-generation consumers, such as First Jobbers, who increasingly prioritise financial planning for the future to reinforce financial discipline, stability, and life protection. Therefore, Rabbit Life has designed the investment insurance product ‘Rabbit Life Earn 3/1,’ with short-term savings but high returns, to cater to the needs of the new generation, offering a comprehensive solution for various investment preferences. It serves as an additional option for the general public, novice investors, or those who wish to establish a safety net to fulfil their future needs.”


‘Rabbit Life Earn 3/1,’ an investment insurance plan for short-term investment with high returns, is suitable for individuals seeking simple investment opportunities without complexities and without bearing undue risks. It is available for applicants aged from 30 days to 80 years, with key features including a one-time premium payment, life coverage for 3 years, and a 2.75% of the sum insured amount at the end of the first and second policy years, along with high life coverage of 105% of the sum insured amount, among others.


“At Rabbit Life Insurance, we are committed to making a difference by continuously developing products in various formats that are easy to understand, addressing the lifestyle preferences of the new generation, and providing convenient, fast services at every step to promote confidence while delivering the best experience to our valued customers, enabling them to boldly embrace life and leap forward,” concluded Mr Korn.


For further details about ‘Rabbit Life Earn 3/1,’ as well as updates on news and promotions, visit the Rabbit Life website at https://www.rabbitlife.co.th .


Conditions: Benefits and coverage are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Purchasers are advised to thoroughly understand the coverage details and conditions before making any insurance decisions.