Three new millionaires in Thailand.

There are new millionaires in Thailand today after the latest Government Lottery draw on 17 January 2020. The winning number is 384395 bringing in 6 Million THB per ticket. The first winner is a teacher from Phetchabun Province. The 49-year-old teacher revealed that she received the lucky number from a bird that she happened to hear, the bird sounded like it was saying 95. The teacher has filed a report at the Na Chalieng Police Station. Sangduen Donpila 49 year old from the Ban Pak Toh School in Nong Pai District stated to the Sanook News Team that she went into the main city last week and purchased the ticket. 


Credit: Sanook


The next winner is an auntie from Udon Thani Province. The auntie revealed there is another person who purchased the same number as her, but it is still unknown who this is. Sawat 51-year-old, went to file a report at the Nong Han Police Station. There are relatives and villagers waiting in front of her home to celebrate as the news started spreading. Sawat revealed a lottery seller came to sell tickets in front of her home. She randomly chose the ticket right at the last minute. When Sawat realized that she is now a millionaire the children in her home all screamed with happiness. 


Credit: INN News


The lucky woman will use the money to pay off debt and as a gift to her family. She lives alone since her husband died 3 years ago. The winner reveals she will be cashing in the ticket with her son. The son lives in Mukdaharn Province and will be picking her up the cash together with all the children and grandchildren. The last winner is a couple from Chaiyaphum Province. Thanasawat Pimnothong 61-year-old who is the local village chief assistant went to file a report at the Kaset Sombun Police Station with relatives. The winner has 1 winning ticket bringing in a prize of 6 Million THB. Police officers at the station took pictures with the winner to remember the moment a local became a millionaire. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The winner randomly chose the ticket right at the last minute.

Source: Sanook, INN News