Uncle loses 10M THB in romance scam.

A 63-year-old uncle loses over 10 Million THB in romance scam. This is not the first time the uncle has given money to strangers he met online. He has sent money to 15 women without ever meeting them. Norsak Sripirutip nicknamed Jek from Buriram Province went to file a report with the Prakhon Chai Police. Norsak wants to press charges against Nadda 27 years old who has taken over 10 Million THB from the victim. Jek claims that Nadda has secretly transferred money out of his account and forced him to sell land to find the money for her. He invested in the relationship due to promises of getting married to the girl.


Credit: Sanook


Sanook News Team interviewed Jek on 8 November 2021. The victim revealed he always worked hard all his life but never realized he wanted a wife until he was older. He also wanted a child and aimed for the mother to be around 25-30 years old. He has fallen for romance scams many times. Some of the girls include Jai Kang Won who promised to marry him. He transferred 100,000 THB but she never showed up to marry him. Another girl is Pattaradee who claimed her mother had cancer, he sent her 150,000 THB.  This does not include other girls he has talked to, giving them at least 100,000 THB each. 



Since 2020 Jek has sent money to at least 15 girls but has touched none of them. Jek wanted to wait until the wedding day with all of them. The latest scam is his worst one, with damage of over 10 Million THB. The victim states he has not given up on the mission to find a young wife. He is still looking for an honest girl who will love him. Jek is willing to give his life to the right soulmate. He wants someone to love but will not be sending money anymore. The uncle further states he has some assets left, although there is only 240 THB in his bank account right now. 



Sawitri 33-year-old a neighbor revealed the uncle is very open and often tells her about the girls he is talking to. She knew he sent money to these girls but did not realize the amount. She has also seen girls coming to his home, they usually stay for 1-3 days then leave and never return. Sawitri believes Jek has saved money his whole life and only started using it to find a wife. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The uncle has sent money to over 15 women, at least 100,000 THB each. The latest came with a big price tag of over 10 Million THB


Source: Sanook