Gang of land title forgers rounded up

PROVICIAL Police Region 4 arrested 20 members of a forgery gang in northeastern Khon Kaen city who had used fake land title deeds to borrow over 24 million baht from one of their victims, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 10).

Police believe the gang has as many as a hundred members and were able to arrested 20 of them by trapping 3 of the members, Mr  Somphob Kosila, Mr Udom Phutinand, and Mrs Ubonrat Montri, who were caught red-handed with fake title deeds

Forgers, two

Mrs Ubonrat was detained after she bought fake title deeds to be placed as collateral for a 24-million-baht loan from the victim.

Investigation showed the gang was divided into groups with there being both borrowers and guarantors and so far 20 of the 100-strong gang have been arrested.


Top and inset: Some of the fake land title deeds that police seized. Photos: Thai News Agency