Pink sways interior design this year

THE hottest trend for 2016 that has yet to reach Thailand is the use of pink in innumerable aspects of interior design with this being strongly projected at the recently held Milan fair, Niwat Aunprueng, senior partner of P Interior and Associates Company (PIA) said recently.

That pink has become an international favorite springs from color authority Pantone surprisingly naming two colors of the year for 2016 rather than the one shade color lovers eagerly wait to adopt with these being Rose Quartz, a gentle pink, and Serenity, an airy blue, but it seems one of the twins has jumped way ahead of the other.

“Worldwide it’s the same trend, like the Milan fair, it’s pink, pink – very vibrant.

Mr Niwat: all things pink this year.

“Lots of pink – used for sofas and various movables. But we haven’t started following this trend yet; it will take a while, only after the magazines hit town would this fad catch on here.

“People here rely heavily on magazines but designers also check websites and fall into step.”

Once it does reach our shores this vogue will likely spread to all types of condos be it petite dens or posh penthouses because budget condominium developers usually collaborate with up-to-date big brand furniture companies in decorating their units.

“They use the big brands to draw customers and Thai people are attracted to well-known brands because they are familiar with them and think they are good. If these products are supplied they very easily decide to buy the unit.

PIA used a lot of local materials in decorating Anantara Chiang Mai Residences Luxury Hotel Condominium but the décor is as artistic as can be.

“This is easier than selling an empty condo because they can’t visualize what the space would look like once decorated.”

Mr Niwat has noticed a significant change in the property market with younger people who mostly have limited budgets now opting for bigger condo units of at least 40 to 60 square meters.

“It is becoming difficult to sell anything smaller than 40 sqm. They are looking long term and think a bigger space is more worthwhile.

“It is speculators who are currently buying one-bedroom units – they flip them and move on with the profit.”

From the business that is coming PIA’s way, Mr Niwat estimates that a lot of new real estate projects should be launched at the end of this year.

“Mostly high-rise I think and positioned at the medium- to high-end level. Despite demand being bottled up it is still difficult to sell single houses right now.”

By Nina Suebsukcharoen


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