Small apartment building sinks over a meter

A SMALL apartment building in Ramkhamhaeng 39, alley 23, sank over a meter last evening but all 19 families living there managed to rush out safely with only one person slightly injured, Thai News Agency said today (March 15).

Police officers of Wang Thong Lang Station went to check the two-story concrete building and found that the ground floor was flooded with water and the awnings of each unit smashed with some concrete pieces and broken glass scattered all over the compound.

The building has 20 flats with 19 families or a total of 50 persons living there but all managed to escape with only one person slightly injured.

The residents said they heard a sound of cement cracking early in the evening and tried to gather their belongings but had to rush out as the building sank so fast and they have now lost all they had.

The Director of Wang Thong Lang District Office said he initially thinks land subsidence led to the building sinking as it was built on an old farmland but a full inspection will be made to determine the actual cause.

Temporary accommodation has being provided for the residents at Thepleela Temple and a learning center with the compound cordoned off.


Top: The apartment building which sank over a meter with debris scattered all around. Photo: Thai News Agency



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