NEW! Drive Thru fine payment at Police Station.

The Bang Phli Police Station in Samut Prakan province is opening a brand New first ever police Drive Thru that will make paying for your traffic ticket fine only 3 minutes!


The Bang Phli police station has run into a problem of having not enough space for all of their services and offices due to the land being used for 3 different government facilities. There is often an overload of people inside the police station, especially in times when there are multiple cases being held inside.



This is when the police officers at Bang Phli came up with an idea that can save a lot of space while giving the people a quick and efficient service to a simple problem which is paying ticket fines.


Normally, when paying for a ticket fine in Thailand you will have to enter the police station to meet traffic police waiting at the service counter. You will then have to give him the ticket and pay the fine, as a lesson for breaking the law. This brand new drive-thru will allow paying the fine as simple as ordering fast food, without having to even get out of your car.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


Gone are the issues of finding parking space at the police station and the walk to pay the ticket fine. All you have to do is drive to the window then give the officer your ticket along with the cash used to pay the fine, the officer will then hand back your license, and all is good again.


Hopefully, more police stations in Thailand will follow the Bang Phli police station and build a drive-thru payment counter of their own. Although, we all know the best solution here is to not break any laws in the first place!


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


FB Caption: Police Drive Thru that will make paying for your ticket fine take only 3 minutes!


Source: Workpoint News