Why You Should Invest in Communication Skill Training in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most diverse international cities that includes residents that speak over 100 different languages. The nuances of language are such that clear and concise communication is paramount to having successful business relationships or make mutually beneficial business deals. Because of these realities, many companies invest in communication skill training in Bangkok to equip their staff with the tools and techniques to have seamless, effective communication.

Communication skill training in Bangkok is an often-overlooked skill development, and the result is that many great business dealings fall through the cracks. Despite the demand and need being there, communications skill training in Bangkok is underutilized; but, it doesn’t have to be!

If you are a business owner in Bangkok with a multicultural staff or that does international business, here are a few reasons why you should invest in communication skill training in Bangkok today.


Word Choice

In some aspects, words are our most powerful tool as humans. Choosing the wrong word in a conversation can have a severely detrimental effect on an otherwise pleasant conversation.

For example, let’s say you are in negotiations with an international firm and they are requesting something that you may feel is a bit unreasonable. You respond to their request with a question by asking, “why do you need that?”. Your intent is to learn more information about why your negotiating partner is requesting something, but how does it come across to them?

By starting a sentence with “why” in this context may immediately establish that you are challenging them or untrusting their intentions. Regardless of which words come next, “why” has dominated your sentence.

Communication skill training in Bangkok will teach you how to rephrase your question so that your intent is kept, but your delivery is more acceptable. “Can you share more information about why you are requesting this?”



A person speaking tone is generally a good indicator of how they are feeling or what their emotions are behind their words. But when you are dealing with people who are using a language other than their native language, their tone may be misunderstood.

Many languages, like Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese, are tonal languages in which tone can express a different word rather than a feeling. Many native speakers of these languages may not be able to disassociate words in different languages from a tone they primarily use with that word.

Communication skill training in Bangkok will teach you to listen more for the intent of a person’s language and to be forgiving of tonal implications. Drawing assumptions based on the tone in international business may lead you down a dangerous path of misunderstanding.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in communication skill training in Bangkok. If you want to make sure that your staff appropriately handles their business and always communicates using clear and concise language, then it’s best to upskill your staff and watch your business relationships blossom.