111-year-old Chile granny recovers from Covid-19

Good news today as a 111-year-old granny from the Republic of Chile has recovered from Covid-19 after fighting for months. Juana Zúñiga a Chilean woman, is now looking forward to her 112 birthday party free from the Coronavirus. Jauna caught the virus at a retirement home where she lives in Santiago City on April of this year. Along with the granny, 7 employees and 17 elderlys were also infected with the virus. As soon as they tested positive for the virus, all patients were placed in separate rooms before the government took them into medical care.


Juana was dealing with respiratory issues even before catching the virus, luckily the condition didnt worsen after being infected. Good news comes after 28 days in the hospital when doctors confirmed that she has fully recovered from the virus. Juana is originally from Valparaiso City. She has no children and has never been married. The granny has been a business woman all her life. She has lived for many years with the sister while both were working, about 6 years ago her little sister passed away. Juana moved into the retirement home in a new city where she made new friends. Juana will be turning 112 years old in July.


Chile now has over 82,000 Covid-19 cases with over 800 deaths from the deadly virus. Along with Juana, there is also another Covid-19 survivor in Spain with an amazing age of 113 years old. Maria Branyas is a Covid-19 survivor who developed only mild symptoms of the virus. She was infected in April and recovered in her retirement home. Sadly, many of the elderly in the same home passed away with from virus. We will be looking forward to more great stories of those who have won their fight with Covid-19.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Juana Zúñiga a Chilean woman, is now looking forward to her 112 birthday party free from the Coronavirus


Source: Sanook