Nightlife scene is back in Bangla Street, Phuket.

The nightlife scene is now reopened on Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket Province. Not many tourists are seen walking on the street compared to before the Covid-19 situation but this is a good start. Nightclubs and bars reopen for the first night on 1 July 2020. Bangla Street is well known as a nightlife destination in Phuket for local and international tourists. About 30 businesses have joined in the reopening making sure to follow strict safety regulations as a precaution against the virus. 


Credit: INN News


Soon after sunset tourists started to arrive in Bangla, each exploring the businesses that are now back in business. Every person entering the street must have their temperature measured, and walk through a disinfection tunnel placed at the entrance and exit on the street. Most businesses require customers to sanitize their hands again before entering the building.  The street is now ready to support tourists from abroad when the conditions allow for international travel once again, it might not be happening soon, but business owners are now in good hopes. Most of the customers on the street are local tourists, foreign tourists stuck in Thailand, and expats living in Thailand. 


Credit: INN News


Tangkwa a nightlife tourist, stated that she lives in Patong and loves visiting entertainment businesses. Before the Covid-19 situation, she was a regular customer in Bangla. Tangkwa is happy that nightclubs and bars are now back running. There are not many tourists walking on the first night, but she believes that this is a good sign for things returning back to normal. The tourist does fear the return of COVID as there are strong safety measures. Nightclubs and bars must follow 22 rules to help protect employees and customers. Tangkwa now believes that the tourism in Phuket can return to normal after visiting Bangla on the first night of reopening. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Every person entering the street must have their temperature measured and walk through a disinfection tunnel. 


Source: INN News