Gold shop burns down in Ying Charoen Market fire.

There has been a fire at the Ying Charoen Market in Bang Khen, Bangkok. This is a very old market in Northern Bangkok. With over 20 fire trucks and strong teamwork from firefighters, the flames were finally under control after 2 hours. Thankfully no one has been injured from the fire, as it started when the market was closed. Prasong Wachirawutchai a gold shop owner in the market stated that he has been selling gold in the market for over 30 years and this is the first fire ever. The flames started during the night and Prasong was quickly notified. 


Credit: Sanook


The gold shop owner went to the market right away after receiving a call. He was too late and the gold shop was already in flames. Prasong wanted to go in but it was impossible, it was just too hot and dangerous inside. Prasong reveals that most of the gold is stored in a safe, which is about 20-30 kilograms of gold worth tens of millions THB. The owner is not sure if the safe is fireproof and fears that the gold inside might have already melted. The safe cannot be opened as the fire has melted the password panel on the safe so it has been moved into storage at a bank. The rest of the gold worth about 1 million THB was on display in the shop, there is no gold shop insurance. 


Nipaporn Jeenmai the owner of an optical shop in the market stated that she witnessed the fire. When Nipaporn saw the flames she tried to save the products in her store. She ran into the store and tried to carry as many pairs of glasses as she could. The owner forgot to think about her own safety and was running past fire with fear that her products would be burned in the incident. The fire quickly spread across the market in less than 10 minutes. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: 20-30 kilograms of gold was stored in a safe, but the owner is not sure if the safe is fireproof and the shop has no insurance. 


Source: Sanook