Vita Green Expands Its Food Supplement Business to Thai Market

Thailand’s market offers promising growth due to strong economy, consumer purchasing power, and knowledge of food supplements. There are many more marketing opportunities in Thai market, says Vita Green CEO Ivy Chau-Soonthornsima.


Vita Green, Hong Kong’s No. 1 brand of traditional Chinese medicine health supplements manufactured in accordance with EU pharmaceutical standards (PIC/s and GMP), enters the Thai market to expand business opportunities for its Chinese herbal health supplements and promote the health of Thai people with premium health supplements.

Bangkok – Mrs. Ivy Chau-Soonthornsima, Chief Executive Officer of Vita Green Asia (Thailand) Ltd., a subsidiary of Vita Green Group, a manufacturer and distributor of health supplements and medical devices in Asia, Europe, and the United States, under the brand “Vita Green”, the No. 1 brand in Hong Kong, stated that herbal health supplements are currently experiencing an upward trend worldwide. The overall market has grown continuously as a result of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, prompting people to take more care of their own health and that of their family members. In addition, Thai society is aging, and Thai consumers are therefore focusing on boosting the body’s immunity. Today’s consumers are increasingly accepting herbal products as alternative option for prevention, health care and maintenance.


As the market leader and the No. 1 traditional Chinese medicine health supplement brand in Hong Kong, Vita Green is a household name in Hong Kong and among the Chinese communities abroad. The company was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to participate in Think Business, Think Hong Kong Expo (TBTHK), a business and investment platform that includes business matching to enable Thai businesspeople to find partners for joint investment with Hong Kong businesspeople. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for Vita Green to expand its health products market to Thailand, as Thailand is a market with great potential in the dietary supplements sector, with a growth rate of 810%, representing a total market value of up to 87,000 million baht.


Vita Green offers advanced health care products using traditional Chinese medicine whose properties are wellknown and popular among Thai people, including Lingzhi and Cordyceps, as well as highquality production innovations from its three factories in Hong Kong and Guangxi. With an investment of about HKD 500 million or THB 2,218 million, the manufacturing plants are PIC/s GMP (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme & Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, PIC/s is an EU recognized pharmaceutical process and these GMP certificates are reviewed annually by the Department of Health of Hong Kong and the SFDA of China. Vita Green has established research centres in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe, and North America, led by a team of worldleading top scholars and researchers, to research and develop products with the highest efficacy and safety. At the same time, the products are priced affordably for consumers. This helps meet the needs of the Thai people who prefer to consume dietary supplements produced and extracted from herbs.

“Vita Green is Hong Kong’s top brand, enhancing our long heritage of traditional medicinal goodness through our own-prescribed formula using the most avant-garde east-meets-west pharmaceutical technology and methodology, to enhance and continue our thousand years of natural herbal healing for those with biological urges and physical needs.  At this trade fair, Vita Green received overwhelming acclaims among the visitors. The Brand has been recognised as a pioneer of a new form of traditional Chinese herbal health supplements with good mix of western natural ingredient, first-of-its-kind from Hong Kong. Our first batch TFDA products are Vita Green Lingzhi, a consecutive No. 1 bestseller in Hong Kong and Asia for holistic health, Super Vita Green Yin Yang Cordyceps for physical balance, Vita Green ISee for eye health, and Vita Green Vita Joint for joint and bone health. Vita Green’s traditional Chinese medicine health supplements have been developed and designed to provide today’s people with easy and convenient access to consuming Chinese medicine. The product is effective and safe to consume maintaining the good health of the Thais from all ages and health conditions.  With the gradual approval of TFDA, we are actively looking into active partnerships and channels and target to have our full brand launch in Q1 2024,”, Ms. Ivy Chau-Soonthornsima added.