What is ICONCRAFT? ( Thais’ Most Creative Space is Set to Nurture Craft Communities & Inspire You)

On days you feel burnt out and lose all inspirations, we recommend that you indulge yourself at ICONCRAFT on 4th and 5th floors, ICONSIAM. This zone features contemporary craft items by Thai artists from across the country. While rooted in traditional crafts, products here amazingly prove practical to modern lifestyles. Many of the Thai brands at ICONCRAFT, therefore, have already made it to the international market. So, whenever you spend time at ICONCRAFT, you will be proud of being Thai and get inspired.

Now, let’s learn more about ICONCRAFT. True to its name, this forum presents “craft products” that have impressive details. The more you look at them, the more positive energy you get.


ICONCRAFT is truly an inspiring space because it brings together top Thai craft items. Thanks to constructive collaboration between artisans and new-generation designers, “craft products” are redefined in various interesting ways at ICONCRAFT. Handiworks here are so hip that Thais’ pride in their country’s crafts will swell right from the first glance. And definitely, visitors will want to own such fascinating pieces. Available are stylish handbags, marvelous accessories, hilltribe wood furniture, handmade textiles, and Thai farmers’ handmade coffee.

Each product at ICONCRAFT is made by hand based on national heritages such as northeastern weaving techniques, Chiang Mai silversmiths’ filigree art, and some other rare craft methods. If you buy products at ICONCRAFT, you practically support craft communities too. Aside, a tour around this zone means you can check out crafts from all parts of Thailand.

7 Crafts That Nurture Communities

          There are clear subzones at ICONCRAFT so that shoppers can choose to explore the space based on their interest. On the 4th floor is Home Decor Crafts, which presents stylish home-décor items. For example, there are auspicious-word embroideries by Luck You, and contemporary ceramic plates/dishes by 12C Studio, Lamunlamai, A Cray Ceramic, etc. Tableware & Dining Crafts, also on 4th floor, features a great variety of pillows, bedsheets, carpets, and chairs. All pieces are handmade, beautiful, and neat, promising to fit nicely into any corner of your home.

One big highlight on 4th floor of ICONCRAFT is Coffee Craft because it brings together great coffee beans from 13 Thai mountains or headwater areas that stand over 1,000 meters above sea level. ICONCRAFT has brought Specialty Coffee from forested zones to cities, supporting small headwater communities along the process. Some coffee brands here have coolly transformed abandoned land plots into Thailand’s best coffee plantations. Boasting impressive quality, Akha Ama goes international with one of its cafes now opening in Japan. Graph Coffee from Chiang Mai, Nude Coffee that serves 100% organic-coffee in drip style, and Siam Drip Co that features not just dark coffee but also coffee-making equipment by young designers are also in this subzone.

Nearby is Crafted Souvenir where a dazzling range of souvenirs and gifts are available. Small the items may be, but they are created by impressive skills. They, therefore, are perfect souvenirs that effectively represent good feelings. ICONCRAFT, for example, features keychains and embroidered colorful stuffs by growingly-popular Thai brand Kakkatoon here. In this subzone are also Chob Handicraft that creates miniatures, modern and minimal amulets from Luck You, and many more.

The last subzone on the 4th floor is Made by Beautiful People, the space that lets underprivileged artists or children with special needs showcase their artistic abilities. For example, this subzone features craft items of FEEMUE, a collaboration between Klong Toei Community’s residents and a Japanese designer. Included are also artistic creations by autistic children and adults from the Autistic Thai Foundation, which are presented under the Art Story by Autistic Thai brand in the form of blouses, scarves, bags, notebooks, cups, etc. Artists with special needs have really produced a dazzling range of craft items that you can explore here. It should be noted that your shopping here means support and income for these artists.

ICONCRAFT on 5th floor, meanwhile, has two big subzones. The first, Crafted Beauty & Home Spa, promises to delight your life as products from herbal specialists are here. ICONCRAFT has prepared this subzone to ensure its customers get good therapeutic products that will take care of them from head to toe, covering both mind and body. When you get the right items, you will be able to easily enjoy spa treatments at home. Available are handmade soap by Nuaynard that originates from a Nakhon Ratchasima community, Banh’s mangosteen and bran soaps that were once sold out on Amazon, organic skincare items by Phutawan, Reunrom products, and aroma-therapy items by Sukhonta (founded by an heir to Ya Hom Tra Ma), and Bugbeat’s eco-friendly diffuser stone that is made of glass shards.

In addition, this subzone includes Thai-style fragrances by Thai brands like Thai Butterfly, Pryn Parfum, and Siam1928. These brands put Thainess in every drop of its products, something customers won’t find in foreign brands’ items.

The other subzone at ICONCRAFT on 5th floor is Crafted Clothing & Accessories. Here, you will find Thai textiles and accessories in various styles as artisans from all parts of Thailand flaunt their creativity together. Stories of Silver and Silk offers real silver accessories by Karen-ethnic communities. Now operated by its second-generation owner, Angsa that is a famous silversmith brand from Wua Lai area joins this subzone too. This brand has continued to cast its ornaments based on 36-step procedures of silverware-making to date. Trimode Studio, meanwhile, has expanded its business from design to accessory making as inspired by its works for communities and has put its accessories on sale here. Saprang is another prominent brand in the same subzone because it features brass items, which proves appealing because it never rusts. Other brands in this subzone are also charming in their own way, something worth discovering.

Thai textiles here rank among the finest. KHOM shines for its handmade techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation over 70 years. Sane Sober, a Thai silk brand from Chiang Mai, is chic because it presents the value of Thai fabrics in an unusual but beautiful way. Lygodium-bag brand Boonyarat Thaicraft from Nakon Si Thammarat province, on its part, modernizes wickerwork bags with its contemporary designs. Its bags are modern, functional and good for everyday use.

Come to ICONCRAFT on 4th and 5th floors, ICONSIAM, to be amazed and inspired by Thai artists’ creations. This zone is open every day. We trust that your spending, small or big, will help sustain Thai crafts and pave way for Thai craft items to firmly step onto global stages.