12 good-looking Thais arrested found crossing the Mae Sot Border.

12 good looking Thais were arrested after they illegally crossed into Thailand through the Thailand-Myanmar border in Mae Sot connected to Myawaddy in Myanmar. The incident took place on 18 October 2020 when Mae Sot Territorial Defense Volunteer 3 Officials, Tak Province Immigration Police, and other related officials inspected high-risk points along the Moei River and along the border. Officials have been inspecting natural passageways along the border all day every day as there are groups trying to illegally cross into Thailand every day. Before sunrise, while it was raining officials noticed several footprints in the mud. 


Credit: Sanook


The footprints were still fresh and there were also suitcase tracks. The tracks went from the border to a forest in Mae Sot District, Tak Province. Officials followed the footprints and found a group of people hiding in the pitch-black forest. All 12 suspects are Thais, out of the number 11 are women with 1 man. Officials revealed that they were all very beautiful and handsome. All 12 had suitcases explaining why there were so many tracks left behind in the mud. All suspects have been sent in for Covid-19 tests. 


The suspects stated they went to work in Myawaddy, Myanmar. When asked what their jobs were the suspect remained silent and insisted on not telling. The suspects claimed the Covid-19 in Myanmar is really scary and they needed to come back to Thailand. The group hired a long-tailed boat and continued on foot across the border through natural passageways. They were planning to enter Mae Sot District before going home but the plan failed as they were all arrested. All 12 suspects have received Covid-19 tests and delivered to the Mae Sot Police Station waiting for prosecution. Officials will increase security measures 24/7 along the border that is 542 kilometers. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The suspects remained silent when asked what they were doing in Myawaddy, Myanmar. 


Source: INN News, Sanook