42 Covid-19 clusters in one day – Mukdahan Province.

Mukdahan Province Covid-19 situation is on the rise as 42 clusters have been found in one day. The latest report on 11 March 2022 reveals that there are 355 new cases in the province with 2 deaths related to the virus. There are a total of 6,480 Covid-19 cases in the province. The 2 new deaths are the 21st and 22nd death in the province related to the virus. The first death is a 70-year-old man from the main city of Mukdahan. The man has several illnesses and received both doses of the vaccine. The second death is an 88-year-old man from Nikom Kamsroi District. He also has several illnesses and is not vaccinated against Covid-19. 



Chalermpol Mangkung the Governor of Mukdahan Province revealed that there are over 300 new cases in the province per day. The number of new cases is higher in over 40 locations including schools, hospitals, villages, communities, factories, parties, temple celebrations, and more. Together there are now 42 clusters found in the province. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the local authorities have asked all districts to follow enhanced safety measures. Group gatherings in all districts must ask for permission beforehand. They must also enforce the safety measures and report information of the gathering to officials. 



To protect and help stop the spread of Covid-19 Mukdahan Province is now requiring all group gatherings of more than 50 persons to receive ATK tests. Participants must have a negative result not exceeding 48 hours before entering the gathering. Those involved in the preparation and serving of food must have 3 doses of the vaccine. Food and drinks including alcohol are not allowed inside the gatherings. Food must be given in the form of take-home packages only. High-risk activities are not allowed such as dancing and singing. 


FB Caption: Mukdahan Province Covid-19 situation is on the rise as 42 clusters have been found in one day. 


Source: Khaosod