Family at Buffet restaurant asks for a discount before running away.

A family visited a buffet restaurant and dined for 50 minutes before asking for a discount. The restaurant denied it as the family have already eaten a lot of food. The family then disappeared out of the restaurant without a trace. The wife walked to the counter and claimed the husband did not eat beef, even though they have already ordered many beef dishes. The restaurant made a post online asking for the family to pay for the meal. The buffet restaurant is located at a mall in Chonburi Province. The business posted security footage showing the wife when she came to ask for a discount on 11 November 2021. 


Credit: Khaosod


The post stated “Can the customers return and pay the bill, please. Today there was a family of 3 including 2 adults and 1 child. The family chose the 699 THB buffet per person option. They ordered multiple sets of beef sashimi and a lot of seafood. After eating for about 50 minutes, one of the customers notified an employee stating that her foreign husband did not eat beef. Because of this, she wanted the price reduced to 399 THB per person. The employee informed the woman that because they have already dined inside for almost an hour, the price could not be changed. The customer did not like this so the employee offered to charge the a la carte price for each dish ordered instead. 



The bill came to 1,060 THB and we did not charge her for the other dishes including the appetizers and pork dish. The customer was not happy and handed the employee 500 THB before walking out. It all happened so fast and our employees count not catch up with the family before they disappeared. We could not call the security as this would require a report to be filed first. The post went viral quickly and netizens had a lot to say. Some comments included, “you took 50 minutes to remember you don’t actually eat beef?”, “the son is already grown up but she didn’t know her husband did not eat beef?”, “They ate till they couldn’t eat any more before asking for a discount, disgusting”, “are they not ashamed?”, “even though they are wearing masks their friends and family will surely recognize them”, “they just realized that all they had was 500 THB”, “I wonder how many times they had done this”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The family of 3 ordered beef dishes for 50 minutes before telling an employee that the husband didn’t eat meat and demanded a discount. 


Source: Khaosod