Sizzler launches revamped “LOYALTY PROGRAM E-MEMBER” system Points Reward function, completely new menu, growth target of 30%

Bangkok, 14 March 2022: Sizzler has launched its online loyalty points program, “Loyalty Program E-Member” on its LINE Official Account @SizzlerThai. Customers can collect points to redeem for many exclusive privileges on their spending. The latest menu has been launched with 4 recommended dishes: Grilled Salmon and Tiger Prawn, Beer Battered Fish & Chips, Sizzling Diced Australian Angus Beef and Truffle Cheeseburger. Sizzler also continues to maintain its positioning as a restaurant for healthy eaters for the past 30 years, under the slogan, “Healthy Food Happy Mood”. The menu guarantees Thais’ health with “every menu item MSG-free”. Sales forecasts for March-May 2022 anticipate minimum growth of 30% as in-store diners return.

Mr.Kreetakorn Siriatha, General Manager of SLRT Limited Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the brand Sizzler, said that since the start of 2022, Sizzler has continued to grow. The success factors have been recovering consumer spending power after COVID-19, as more people become vaccinated. Changing behavior from consumers in tune with the situation, and with more self-care options, coupled with the desire for a change of atmosphere by eating out has seen Sizzler’s sales rise in the period of January to February by 44% on the same period last year.

To stimulate spending and to thank customers, Sizzler has developed its “Loyalty Program E-Member” system of online points collection through its LINE Official Account @SizzlerThai, aimed at members of every level. Members earn one point for every 25 baht spent after deducting discounts. These can be redeemed for many exclusive privileges. Every level of member will also receive discount coupons every Tuesday and Thursday, a birthday gift worth 129 baht, or Truffle Fries worth 79 baht, under the company’s terms and conditions. Members can register through the LINE Official Account @SizzlerThai to get their privileges today.

Gold and Diamond Level members receive extra privileges on top of those previously mentioned, including discounts of 10% over a whole year, and a free Combination Platter worth 419 baht in the month of their birthday.




Sizzler will give existing members from before 17 January 2022 many extra privileges from now until 31 May 2022, by just registering through the LINE Official Account @SizzlerThai, as follows:

  • Green Level members receive an upgrade to Gold Level and 100 free bonus points.
  • Gold Level members receive an upgrade to Diamond Level and 200 free bonus points.
  • Diamond Level members have their membership extended free for another year, receive 200 free bonus points and an exclusive premium from Sizzler worth 199 baht.

Mr Kreetakorn added that Sizzler was also releasing its latest menu for consumers to enjoy quality food for great value, with 4 recommended dishes:

  • Grilled Salmon and Tiger Prawn is Atlantic salmon grilled at high temperatures and served with tiger prawn shipped from the sea, and served with side dishes such as baked potatoes and grilled veg at a price of 599 baht, earning 23 points.
  • Beer Battered Fish & Chips is fish and chips with beer in the German style, with tasty fish deep fried golden brown and served with French fries, as well as a special recipe tartar sauce for 399 baht, earning 15 points.
  • Sizzling Diced Australian Angus Beef is Angus beef steaks imported from Australia, grilled to perfection, diced into convenient mouthfuls and served on a hot plate with an original pepper sauce recipe for 499 baht, earning 19 points.
  • Truffle Cheeseburger is a cheeseburger made from an outsized beef patty imported from Australia, grilled sizzling hot, and served with cheese together with premium truffle sauce for 459 baht, earning 18 points.

All 4 new dishes are available at every branch of Sizzler nationwide. Everybody is invited to taste each one of them and prove how delicious they are.

“Sizzler has always offered products and services for consumers who appreciate quality food which is good for their health under the slogan, “Healthy Food Happy Mood”. The salad bar buffet is full of goodness with a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, crispy and free of chemical residues, with over 30 salad sauces. Specially selected ingredients from both Thailand and abroad are used to create new dishes continually, and every dish must be ‘MSG-free’. Sizzler will also continue to renovate flagship stores to reach every target segment from students to families. Restaurants will be refreshed gradually throughout 2022 to include every branch. Our assessment of the 1-3 month short-term situation from March to May this year indicates growth not less than 30%,” concluded Mr.Kreetakorn.

For more information contact PR department of Sizzler on 023656934, through the Facebook fan page or at


Editor’s note: About “Sizzler”

Sizzler Thailand is a Western-style steak, seafood and salad restaurant with branches worldwide under Australian-Based Collins Food Company. SLRT Limited Company, a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Public Limited Company, first introduced “Sizzler” in Thailand at Fifty Fifth Plaza on Sukhumvit 55 (closed) in 1992 and expanded its branches nationwide. Sizzler currently has 54 branches with delivery service and a newborn Grab & Go style brand “Sizzler To Go” which has 7 branches. All Sizzler branches in Thailand operate in accordance with Sizzler’s global standard. There are many selections of food to choose from including steak, chicken, pork, and seafood – both fried and grilled, as well as a huge buffet style salad bar which offers a wide selection of fresh vegetables, soups and pasta, coupled with desserts and fruits.