97-year-old granny recovers from Covid-19 and returns home

Netizens applaud the oldest patient to recover from Covid-19 and the medical personals that have joined in the battle against the pandemic. The story was shared by Facebook User Nattapon Chueasaman who uploaded a picture of the granny from Bang Tao in Phuket Province. The combination of medical care adding to her strong will power to live has resulted in happy news, the granny has recovered from the pandemic and can now continue her life with greater days to come. The granny has returned home declared as recovered from the Coronavirus.


Phuket officials have revealed that the 97-year-old granny is the 188th Covid-19 patient in Phuket. She was confirmed to have been infected on 14 April 2020. History shows that the patient was at high risk as she was living in the same home as patient no.174. The granny started showing symptoms and was given a Covid-19 test that confirmed that she was in fact infected with the virus. She was admitted right away and medical personnel in Phuket took care of the granny with strong hopes that she would come out of the battle alive. The granny has returned to her home in Bang Tao and will start returning to her normal daily activities.


Credit: Sanook


Nattapon also stated in the post that people should not fear or discriminate against Covid-19 patients. It is possible to recover from the virus and the most important fact to remember is that self-protection along with following public safety measures such as maintaining social distancing can prevent being infected. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are doing a great job risking their own lives every minute during these hard times. Thanks to their hard and consistent work, there are patients recovering every day and returning to their normal lives.


FB Caption: The 97-year-old granny has returned home and will continue to live her normal life.


Source: Sanook, Facebook user: Nattapon Chueasaman