Butcher got his hand stuck in meat grinder

A butcher was rescued after one of his hands got stuck inside a meat grinder. The wife called the local rescue team and the man had to be delivered to the hospital with the grinder still attached to his hand. This incident took place on 26 April 2020 at 5 am while the man was preparing ground pork to sell for the day. The local rescue team received notification that a butcher had an accident and his hand is now stuck inside a meat grinder machine at the San Tung Fresh market in Khao Saming District, Trat Province. When the team arrived, a group of people had surrounded the man to see what was going on.


Credit: Khaosod


Panya 64 years old the butcher was standing on the floor with his other hand holding onto the machine. A good citizen was trying to help and calm down the man. Panya felt like he was going to faint and tried his best to stay awake. The rescue team decided to disassemble the meat grinder until only the part that was stuck to Panya’s right hand was left. He was then delivered to the Khao Saming Hospital.


Wandee 57 years old Panya’s wife stated that the machine had malfunctioned. Panya was trying to fix the grinder and had shut the power down, but his body accidentally touched the power switch and the machine turned back on while his hand was in the grinder. One of the fingers was sucked inside and Wandee called the rescue team right away.


Credit: Khaosod


Thonakorn a member of the Sawang Bun Rescue Team stated that the team tried their best to remove Panya’s right hand out from the machine. A finger was totally stuck inside and there was no other way but to take the grinder still attached to Panya’s hand to the hospital. This way the doctors can surgically remove the finger.


FB Caption: Panya’s body accidentally touched the power switch, the machine started running and sucked his finger inside.


Source: Khaosod