Auntie spitting on a train, now in quarantine.

An auntie got on a train with no valid ticket on 3 April 2020 and started spitting on the train floor. Officials were notified immediately and have now put the woman in quarantine. Information later surfaced that she is currently under psychological care. The people who were also on the train with her ran off with fear of the Coronavirus. The train has been disinfected and is now back in operation. The State Railway of Thailand has announced on the same day that all night trains will be temporarily closed down in accordance with the nationwide curfew from 22.00-4.00 announced by the Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha one day before the incident.


Credit: INN News


Officials from the Khon Kaen Railway Station reported the incident that took place on train no.431 Kang Koi-Khon Kaen. Yongyout Thongorn was the engine driver and Viroj Thongpim was the security officer on the train in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. When the train arrived at the Non Sung District in Nakhon Ratchasima, the station master received a notification that there was a passenger with no ticket on the train. This female passenger was not wearing a mask and was spitting all over the train floor. The station-master then notified officials at the Non Sung Public Health Office. The health officials came to inspect the train right away, they found the woman and made sure to deep clean the whole train for the safety of other passengers.


Credit: INN News


The auntie was Mukda 53 years old from Khon Kaen Province. History shows that she is a psychotherapy patient at a hospital. Officials checked her temperature 2 times, the first result was 37.9 Celcius and the second result was 37.5 Celcius. Health officials have taken her into quarantine at the Non-Sung Public Health Office. The train was disinfected and passengers finally continued their journey 85 minutes after the incident.



FB Caption: The 53-year-old woman was spitting all over the train floor, she had no ticket and officials took her off the train into quarantine.


Source: INN News