Fake quail eggs killed man’s appetite

A Pathum Thani man fried quail eggs he bought from Rangsit area only to find they were so bogus even a stray dog refused to eat them.

A news reporter was contacted by Mr Jadewichak Sapaeamchit who suspected that there was something unnatural about the quail eggs he bought and that they might be fake.

After meeting Jadewichak at Rattanakosin 200 Year Community Center,  Pracha Thipa subdistrict,  Thanyaburi district, in adjacent Pathum Thani province, the reporter was shown a plastic bag containing 10 fried quail eggs which he had intentionally placed within and left there.

Peering into the plastic bag, the eggs looked like they were covered with mold but there was no bad smell whatsoever.

According to Jadewichak, on April 23 he bought 100 boiled and peeled quail eggs from a shop in Rangsit area to cook for food.

He used 50 of the eggs to make Pa-Lo eggs (eggs and pork in sweet brown sauce) and did not see any abnormality. With the other 50, he deep fried them, hoping to make fried boiled egg with tamarind sauce (AKA son-in-law eggs).


He quickly noticed that those eggs did not change color to yellow or brown as they were supposed to.

When he tried to tear the egg apart, the skin felt like plastic; sticky and difficult to pull apart while the egg yolk felt like starch.

They also smelled like a burnt plastic after he tested by setting one on fire. That was when he started to think that the eggs might not be natural.

Even the stray dog refused to eat it when he handed one over. He then put 10 eggs in a plastic bag just to monitor if there would be any changes.

After noticing today that they were covered in mold but produced no rotten smell, he decided to contact the reporter believing they are fake eggs.

Initially, the reporter confirmed that there was no rotten smell and found that the material of the egg was very elastic and could not be easily pierced with a sharp stick.


Top and in-text: The fake plasticky quail eggs with starch-like yolk.

Report and photos: Sanook.com, Mthai.com and Khaosod.co.th

By Piboon Awasdaruharote