Medical masks made in Thailand, but not for Thai people.

A famous Facebook Page in Thailand @queentogetherisone shared a video and other information showing an individual named Sornsuwee Pooraweesawachree claiming he has millions of medical masks in stock ready for sale. This person in the video supposedly has tight connections with a Minister inside. The Thai people are having an extremely hard time finding masks to use right now, especially in hospitals where some medical personnel have no choice but to use cloth masks or to buy overpriced medical masks from separate sellers.


Facebook Page:@queentogetherisone


The person recording the video is a woman and the conversation goes as follows,

 Miss A: Right now we are picking up 200,000 masks at the factory and we will be picking up 2 Million more. These masks have a certificate, we can export them to China. This is the type of medical masks used in surgeries, there are 3 layers it can definitely protect against the Coronavirus.

Mister B: We’re moving the product, we have a lot and don’t worry that you won’t get some. All you need is money, real money can buy from me.

Miss A: The purchase is made right in front of the factory.


Credit: Kapook


The Facebook Page reveals that the video was taken on 7 February 2020. Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow stated at the parliament on 9 March 2020 that the video and the individuals in the video have no connection to him. He does not know the man, they have met once but no exchanges were made. He also mentions that he would support the prosecution if someone close to him was involved in hoarding medical masks.


Facebook Page:@queentogetherisone


The Crime Suppression Division Police officials went to inspect Sornsuwee’s home in Chonburi Province. The man was not in his home but officials met the girlfriend. Pang stated that what is seen in the video is not true. The masks don’t belong to her boyfriend and they personally don’t even have masks to use, Pattaya news reported.



FB Caption: While hospitals have no medical masks to use, sellers have somehow hoarded up millions of masks to send into China.


Source: Facebook Page:@queentogetherisone, Kapook, Pattaya News