New plans to tax “sodium” in foods.

The idea is to introduce a taxation method that is based upon the amount of sodium in foods, including the ingredients used in food production and snacks found in convenience stores. The main purpose of sodium or salt taxation is to help improve the lifestyle of Thai’s. The excise department of Thailand is the responsible government sector in the implementation and collection of the sodium tax. Whereupon the period of introduction of the tax, manufacturers will be given a period of time to re-adjust the sodium count in their products, with the goal of giving manufacturers the opportunity to lower sodium count in their products for a lower tax rate.




The sodium tax will be based on the same principle and method as the sugar tax that was implemented successfully in 2017.  The sodium tax is currently only an idea that is waiting to be developed and then submitted for further approval by the cabinet. The law will be applied to any food products that has sodium in it. For example, sauces used to make food, salty snacks sold in convenience stores, and instant foods such as instant noodles.


The reason for the introduction of sodium tax is not because the government is running out of money, but is in order to introduce a method that can help with the health of Thai people. Where sodiums such as sea salt and MSG is used in excessive amounts in all foods found in Thailand, from convenient stores to street foods. The goal is that with a higher tax, manufacturers of ingredients and instant foods and snacks will help contribute to less consumption of sodium by the people for fewer health issues in the long run.


Nowadays, most Thai’s consume over 200% the amount of recommended sodium consumption per day. Hospitals are meeting patients with kidney issues, including kidney failures and health problems related to sodium consumption every day. The worse concern is that young patients with such problems are rising in number every year. The implementation of sodium tax hopes to balance out Thailand’s average salt consumption by starting with the manufacturers of ingredients and foods.


FB Caption: The goal is for Thai’s to consume less salt for better health.


Source: Mono 29