Scam? Magical bottle that will solve our air quality PM 2.5 problems.

Netizens are keeping a close eye on a new scam that is taking over the Thai social media world. The seller advertises that this product will be able to solve all of our air quality problems from PM 2.5 dust that became a part of our daily life last month, while some provinces are still facing bad air quality levels in their areas.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


The product is a small plastic bottle, similar to travel sized liquid soap. Inside is what appears to look like dried greens such as grass and herbs. The label states “Air filter machine, Quantum power, when breathed the medicine will help eliminate PM 2.5 particles inside your lungs etc. 1-month warranty”.


The product was shared online by a Facebook user named Professor Panya Ruangopad. Aside from the picture of the product with the label on it, he also advertised the product by stating in his caption, “I am still healing patients who have become sick from PM2.5 particles and particle that are smaller than 0.01 micron. The tiny particles can travel into and plug up our veins and brain cells, they can even plug up the lymphatic tubes in our body and our chromosomes.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


I discovered while healing my patients that their preganglionic fiber and postganglionic fiber has tiny particles plugged inside. When I eliminated the particles out of their system they all have reported feeling better. I have a program that I’ve been using to heal patients in Saraburi, almost 100% of them have become sick due to the tiny particles in the air.


The patients used my air filter machine with Quantum power to get rid of the dust surrounding them and to stop the build-up of tiny particles in the body. Getting rid of the particles is the best method of protecting our health”.




Thai Netizens have commented under the post warnings of how this must be a scam as it is impossible that breathing from the bottle will help get rid of the tiny particles in our body system. The post may give readers the wrong information about the air quality in relation to our health and how to protect ourselves from the pollution.


FB Caption: The seller states that breathing from the quantum powered bottle with what seems to be dried green’s inside can get rid of tiny particles in our body, thus solving all our air quality problems.


Source: Mthai