Strict measures for passengers arriving at the airport.

The Immigration Bureau revealed that all passengers arriving at the airport will have to pass strict measures in order to enter Thailand. If foreigners lack the necessary documents no exceptions will be given and Immigration will have to deny entry into the kingdom. The strict measures consist of mainly 6 steps.


Credit: INN News


  1. Passengers arriving from all countries must present their passport, a health certificate stating that the traveler is not infected with Covid-19, health insurance with a credit limit of at least 100,000 USD, and the boarding pass. For Thai citizens instead of the Covid-19 health certificate, you will require a fit-to-fly health certificate. At this process, any travelers with fever will need to enter the special zone for a health check with a doctor at the airport. Foreigners with fever and high-risk will be denied to enter the country. Thais with fever and high-risk will be sent to a hospital as a patient under investigation (PUI).
  2. Officials at the Health Control counter will verify all documents and travelers are required to fill the T.8 form online in the AOT Airport Application.
  3. Officials will then give travelers the Ministry of Health Stamp, Thai citizens will receive this stamp in their passports.
  4. Foreigners lacking the required documents will be denied from entering the country under power from the Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558. Thai citizens will be given the stamp only after they have been tested for Covid-19.
  5. Travelers with the Ministry of Health Stamp can continue to the visitor arrivals counter.
  6. Immigration officials will deny all travelers without a stamp from the Ministry of Health.


Credit: INN News


The AOT Airport application will help officials to know the travel history of all arriving in Thailand. Travelers will receive assistance if there are any questions on how to fill the form. These strict measures will filter out any high-risk travelers and those who deny following these measures will be denied from entering the country. This is for the health of all in Thailand with cooperation between the Ministry of Health, Immigration Police, and Airport officials.



FB Caption: Immigration Officials have the right to deny all travelers without the Ministry of Health Stamp. You will receive this stamp after presenting the required documents.


Source: INN News