Super Poll states the people believe PM will save tourism in Thailand.

Super Poll Thailand states that most people in Thailand believe Prayut Chan-o-cha the Prime Minister of Thailand will save tourism in Thailand from Covid-19. There is an increase in government supporters, where 53.6% believe that the tourism industry in Thailand can be safe even during current situations. Super Poll has carried out quantitative Research and Qualitative Research revealing that the people have high hopes for the tourism and the economy in the country. The poll was carried out on 6-9 January 2021 with 1,839 participants with the topic of “Travel safe away from Covid”.


When asked about their trust in the PM promoting safe tourism away from Covid and towards a better economy, 87% believe in this promise while 13% don’t. Almost all participants agree with the New Normal lifestyle standing at 97.4%. This includes the new normal for traveling, working, and vacations. These activities can still be carried out during these times with enhanced safety measures. Most people believe that living the new normal lifestyle is better than facing a lockdown where the economy will be dead. The people want to make money and take the risks better than all businesses closing down.


97.2% support travel safety accordingly to the new safety precautions we must take. 92.7% want to combine the Khon La Khrueng which is a shopping campaign where the government helps pay for half of the daily spendings with a 150 THB limit per day and Rao Teaw Duay Kan a tourism stimulus campaign to support domestic travels. 83.4% hope that the Khon La Khrueng campaign can be used to help pay vehicle and home payments.  There is an increase in pro-government supporters from 35.7% in 2019 to 53.6% in 2020. Super Poll further reveals that there is an increase among those who choose to remain silent from 32.9% to 39%.


Credit: INN News

FB Caption: 87% of participants believe that the PM can make tourism during the Covid-19 situation safe.


Source: INN News, Super Poll