Thai man in Wuhan shares, people are cooperating with the government.

A Thai man living in Wuhan, China posted on Facebook about the current Novel Coronavirus situation (26 January 2020) stating that the people are cooperating with the government and the city is in silence. Nattawut Iamned (ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร) had recently posted pictures of Wuhan that went viral on the 25th revealing his experience while stocking food.


Facebook Account: ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร
Facebook Account: ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร


The first post captioned “I went down to stock up on some food, it felt like I was in a movie. No cars on the road, the market was closed, only a tiny supermarket was open. Officials stood in front, anyone without a mask wasn’t allowed inside. About 5-6 people were inside and everyone seemed to grab whatever food they could. Each tried to stay away from each other, carefully watching, it was scary. Not much food was left mostly being instant noodles, bread, sausages, and there was no fresh food left. If I survive then I’ll tell my children about it. #WuhanIwillSurvive.”.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


The first post came with pictures that showed the market that is currently on shutdown, the road that is absolutely empty apart from some parked vehicles, and a video of the overall environment in Wuhan while the people are doing their best to stay safe.


Facebook Account: ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร
Facebook Account: ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร


The second post reveals how the people in Wuhan are living there life in general, “Thank you for caring about me. Many media companies have asked to interview me but there are many topics that I feel would make the situation worse and cause too much worry, therefore I will answer questions here.

  1. About 50-60 Thais are in Wuhan, mostly university students.
  2. Most reside in University areas that are highly safe and not many people are inside as it is currently summer here.
  3. Wuhan really is quite now, no markets, malls, or stores are open (might also be from Chinese New Year).
  4. Traveling is difficult, most use public transportation that is currently closed down.
  5. Citizens that must go outside or visit the hospital can call the district and the government will send a car to pick them up.
  6. There is still food here, so I can’t predict how it will be in the future.
  7. The people in Wuhan are staying inside their homes and are all cooperating with the government.

For those who want more pictures of the city, I’m afraid I can’t go out and take pictures right now. I have to take care of myself and follow the Chinese government rules. It’s also cold and often rains outside which makes it even riskier.”



FB Caption: “Everyone seemed to grab whatever food they could.”


Source: Facebook Account: ณัฐวุฒิ เอี่ยมเนตร, Khaosod