Woman Covid-19 positive arrested gambling.

A woman who has tested positive for Covid-19 was arrested gambling. The husband tested positive but the wife still went to join an illegal gambling home. The village chief heard about the news as villagers were afraid of a new Covid-19 cluster in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province. A video was posted online showing the moment when police entered the building and gamblers each ran for their lives hoping to escape the police. Prasit Chumun the village chief of Moo 2 in Ban Mueng Dang Village revealed to Sanook News that the incident took place a few days ago on 3 September 2021. The chief received notification from villagers about a group of gamblers inside a home. Locals recognized the persons entering the homes to be well known gamblers in the area. They had a good idea what the people were doing inside the home. 




Police were notified and went to the location. As they entered inside the gamblers were sitting very near each other in a circle with gambling cards. Some of the gamblers were not wearing masks, even though the current Covid-19 situation in Thailand is not good. Information shows that a man tested positive for Covid-19. The 40 year old wife who lives inside the same household is known to be a gambler. Even Though her husband tested positive she still traveled to join a gambling group without care about others. The gambling also took place inside a closed home, where the virus can spread easily. 




Villagers wanted officials to help so the woman would be isolated or receive the medical care required to help her recover. When officials entered the home the suspect was gambling with cards in her hands. All other gamblers stood up and started to run away, this is why a video was recorded to capture proof of their activities. The suspect was given a Covid-19 test that turned out to be positive as expected. It has not been reported whether the other gamblers were arrested or if they received Covid-19 tests. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Villagers saw the gamblers entering inside the home, including a woman who tested positive for Covid-19. 


Source: Sanook