Covid-19 patients battle in field hospital, 1 stabbed with scissors.

Covid-19 patients go into battle at a field hospital ending in 1 injured person. The incident took place at the Surathani Rajabhat University in Surat Thani Province. The fight started during lunchtime and an 18-year-old patient was stabbed in the back with scissors. Sanook News reported on 19 October 2021, a fight started at a local field hospital and one of the patients involved in the fight was arrested. Kritsada 29 year old was arrested as he was hiding near the roof at 13.00. Kritsada is the person who stabbed the 18-year-old. 


Credit: Sanook


Ritdee the injured person received medical care from the doctors at the field hospital before he was transferred to the Surat Thani Hospital. The suspect was supposed to go home on the 20th and was receiving medical care on the second floor. Ritdee the injured person was receiving medical care on the first floor. On the same floor were many of his friends from the main city of Surat Thani. The incident started at 12.15 while everyone was having lunch. Patients from the first floor went to see the suspect on the second floor. Not long after shouting started and a fight followed. The suspect grabbed a small pair of scissors and stabbed Ritdee once. 



Ritdee friends carried him down to the doctors. The suspect ran to hide near the roof of the building. Police arrived and arrested Kritsada before taking him to the police station. Chainarong Punsin from the University and caretaker of the field hospital reported on the incident. Chainarong stated previously some patients had problems due to many food and goods delivery coming to the hospital. There are limited personals working in the field hospital and the excess deliveries were causing issues. 



They released a new regulation that stopped patients from ordering food and other items, along with prohibiting relatives from delivering goods. The new regulation is due to not enough personals to accept and search the goods. Patients were ordering goods such as cigarettes and Kratom tea. The fight is due to the two groups of teenagers from different locations that already had existing issues with each other. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Patients were ordering cigarettes and Kratom tea to be delivered at the field hospital daily. 


Source: Sanook