7 best off-track running spots in Phuket

RUNNING is much more than a sport, it has become a trend nowadays as you can see from the dramatically increasing number of mini-marathons, marathons, triathlons or even trail running events happening everywhere. Phuket aims to be the sports hub in Asean according to Ministry of Tourism and Sports and it features many interesting running tracks for you to try out.

Bangwad Dam

Bangwad Dam

The main water supply of the island houses a huge dam surrounded by shady trees and greenish mountains offering a six-kilometer track for running. It is located in Kathu District, a central area in Phuket. Here you will find people from all ages practicing for their next competition. The road is smooth while the trees and small waterfalls along the sides make it a calm and joyful run.

Suan Luang

Suan Luang

This is one of the most authentic running parks in Phuket. The massive park, filled with many beautiful floras and ponds, is very welcoming, especially for runners. The running path is smooth and also surrounded by many exercising spots with several tools and equipment.


As I mentioned in my earlier columns, Sapanhin is a giant multi-purpose park in Phuket town. Thanks to its size and the wide roads it is composed of, plus the sea view of Sapanhin Cape, it has become the running spot for many locals enjoying fresh air every morning and evening. There is also the Sapanhin Sports Centre where you can find several basic exercise tools and machines with a public swimming pool and football field.

The road to Khao Phra Theaw Non-Hunting Area

Khao Phra Theaw - Photo by Jeff Gunn

Located in the North of Phuket in the midst of peaceful and calm surroundings, the wide and quiet road is the place for you to challenge yourself while enjoying the fresh oxygen from the nature. You can choose to run along to road or step inside the rubber plantation route, which is even more exciting with the mud and gravel way.

Khao To Sae

Khao To Sae - Photo by Jeff Gunn

Some call it the Monkey Mountain as it is home to a large clan of monkeys found along the way. You will find plenty of running and walking fellows here and some of them, at retirement ages, will amaze you by running up for the second round when you are just half way there. There are also many stops that allow you to observe the beautiful views of Phuket’s islands and sea. At the top, there is a small public exercise park with a wonderful overview of Phuket city. If you are more of a trail runner, there are also thick forestry routes on the left side of the main road.

Khao Rang

Khao Rang is the highest view point in Phuket town and a great place to enjoy a run up on the steep road to challenge your strength. The shades of mountain trees will make your steps continue delightfully all the way to the top where you will find the worth-visiting view point and some cold refreshing drinks.

Nai Harn Lake

Nai Harn Lake

If you are travelling to the gorgeous south beach of Phuket that is Nai Harn, don’t forget to bring your sneakers and running gears to join a round (2.2 kilometres) or two around Nai Harn Lake with the great view of the beautiful still water and its backdrop of the endless blue ocean. There are also few public exercising tools available in the area.

Photo credit:

Khao Phra Theaw and Khao To Sae photos by Jeff Gunn

By Nattha Thepbamrung


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