One dead in Pattaya multi-vehicle crash

THE driver of a tour coach coming down Khao Phra Tamnak hill in south Pattaya decided to hit a taxi to halt the large vehicle after the brakes failed to work but this did not halt the coach which further slammed into a sedan and two motorcycles leading to one person dying and many being injured, Thai News Agency said today (July 26).

A Thai man, Phadet Wiengyangkung, 37, was run over and dragged 20 meters by the tour coach in this multi-vehicle crash  which occurred at 8.30 pm last night and died on the spot.

Capture, accident 2

Among the injured were a Norwegian who was within the sedan that the coach hit and two Chinese tourists who were within the damaged taxi.

The tour coach driver, Wongkamanee Tamphakaew, 44, said he had driven to pick up 10 Chinese tourists from a hotel on top of this hill to drop them off at Bali Hai pier but as he was decending the hill he was unable to brake so decided to hit a taxi to stop the vehicle and then lurched and hit a sedan and two motorcycles.

The front of the coach was badly damaged as were the rear of the taxi and sedan while the two motorcycles were also damaged.

Pol. Lt. Kwankhao Innawang, an investigator at Pattaya police station, took photos of the accident and then took the coach driver, those who suffered damage in this accident and relatives of the dead victim to the police station for further questioning with legal action to continue against the driver.


Top: The site of the multi-vehicle crash on Khao Phra Tamnak hill in south Pattaya last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: One of the two motorcycles damaged in this accident. Photo: Thai News Agency


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