Camping at a national park not far from Bangkok

WHILE lots of people have gone camping in various places with each charming in its own way, there is one location not too far from Bangkok which is super in every way,’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote today (March 7).

Not many people would have heard of Thai Prachan National Park in Pak Thor District of Ratchaburi province, but in fact this lush and green camping ground is just a few hours’ drive from Bangkok.

All you have to take along is your tent, some supplies and a few friends.


Here there is no mobile phone signal nor electricity let alone toilets, and while it is still in a natural forest state it is but a kilometer away from the park office.

For this reason there is no need to worry about security because park officials make the rounds on their motorcycles from midnight till 2 a.m.

The environment here is like a backdrop to a movie with there being a waterfall and a stream nearby where campers can take a dip, with this being akin to having a personal swimming pool.

In the evening one enjoys a camp meal with friends and this is really fun.

So pack up and take a trip to this natural environment untouched by development and leave all the confusion and problems of the big city behind.


Top, in-text and below: The camping ground at Thai Prachan National Park in Pak Thor District of Ratchaburi. Photos: Sanook! Travel at