Discover a Range of Restaurants in Chidlom

When tourists talk about going to Bangkok, one place they rarely visit, unless their hotel is there, is Chidlom. Chidlom is a mostly residential area that is home to some of the most luxurious and storied residences in Bangkok, and is one area of the city with a high-density of wealthy residents. To service the local community, there are tons of great restaurants in Chidlom spanning from casual international food to high-end Thai food.


Bangkokians know that they can visit just about any restaurant in Chidlom and receive a high-quality meal, and that is mostly due to the residents in the surrounding area. Many are wealthy expats or Thais with international experience, so they prefer to eat high-end food from around the world for every meal. For the rest of the city, it simply means that every restaurant in Chidlom is worth visiting or trying at least once!


In this article, we are going to look at three different restaurants in Chidlom that fall under different categories. That way, the next time you are looking for a restaurant in Chidlom, you have a few different options to choose from.

Veganerie Cafe

As its name suggests, Veganerie Cafe is a 100% vegan restaurant serving up tasty light bites, meals, and desserts. What started as a family kitchen servicing the small vegan community has grown into a major chain of vegan restaurants around the city.

Veganerie began as a solution to one family’s need to find vegan food. Bangkok has a long history of vegetarian food, but vegan food is a relatively new concept. Because of that, many shops selling vegan food do so at a premium price, since many people can afford to eat vegan in Thailand.

Today, Veganerie Cafe has multiple branches across the city, including one in The Mercuryville mall in Chidlom.

Siri House

Siri House is the quintessential Bangkok eating experience, making a surefire member of the best restaurants in Chidlom. Tucked away in the Somkid microneighborhood of northern Chidlom, Siri House and the surrounding restaurants sit under the shadow of a few impressive luxury condos. Their menu caters to their international community, offering a mix of Thai and western dining options.

Siri House is composed of three different restaurants, Luka, Quince, and Jacqueline, and a community market. Each restaurant and market serves a different time of the day, with Luka handling brunch, Quince firing up dinner, and Jacqueline serving the drinks.

The Flour Shoppe

The Flour Shoppe is a small western bakery inside Central Chidlom that is famous for its biscuits. American expats have come to love The Flour Shoppe’s breakfast sandwiches and combos, while dessert lovers flock to their pastries and cakes.

If you are in Central Chidlom looking for a great place to sit and get a quick, tasty meal, venture no further than The Flour Shoppe.