Mooning over moon cakes as festival draws near

WITH the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival this year taking place on Thursday September 15th, moon cakes are flying off the shelves and one of the places that makes this special treat even more so is Anantara Riverside Bangkok which has packaged them in keepsake jewelry gift boxes.

Head to this hotel’s Numero Uno Café if you want this festive delicacy packaged very specially with 4 small moon cakes in one of these pretty boxes costing 688 baht while 8 goes or 1,488 baht. Leather boxes are also available at a slightly higher price.

To the Chinese the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important event after Chinese New Year. It is celebrated when the moon is believed to be the biggest and fullest and to the Chinese a full moon is a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

The main traditions and celebrations include eating moon cakes, having dinner with family, gazing at and worshipping the moon, and lighting lanterns.


TOP: Moon cakes in special jewelry gift boxes at Anantara Riverside Bangkok.

By Thai Residents reporters



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