Pak Chong spring: A lesser-known gift of nature

A RELATIVELY unknown tourist spot at Khao Yai National Park, in nearby northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima province, is Pak Chong or Ban Tha Chang spring which has pure, natural crystal blue water,’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote today (April 10).

To clear doubts about whether the water here is as sparkling good as people rave about, Sanook!Travel headed there to check it out.

It is best to drive to this spring in a private car, and once at Khao Yai, look for and turn into a soi at kilometer 15 of Thanarach road.

You can also search for this wondrous spot on Google map with Ban Tha Chang  spring clearly shown.

Pak Chong spring

The road leading to the spring is good and easy to drive, but once there visitors have to walk around 50 meters to reach it.

The first sight of the spring dispels any doubts about how blue its water could be because it is truly so, and also so clear that one can see the spring’s bed.

While tourists generally come here to swim in the mornings, at other times of the day there are not that many people around, which makes this spot peaceful.

All around the spring are tall green trees providing a good shade which makes this a good place for a picnic. As we wanted to know why the water here is so clean and blue, we asked officials in charge.

Pak Chong spring 2

They told us that this spring emerges naturally from the ground, with it being rainwater filtered by rocks in this area, which have high calcium carbonate content, that is coming up to the surface. It is this which makes it fresh and as blue as sapphire.

Those who have difficulty visualizing this picture should think about Krabi’s famous Emerald pool as this spring is no less lovely.

If anyone is searching for a good destination to go to with their family to cool off during Songkran holiday, then this miraculous treasure of nature is easily reachable being just 3 hours drive from Bangkok.


Top, in-text and below: The picture-perfect Pak Chong or Ban Tha Chang spring.  Photos:

Pak Chong spring 4