Phuket crocodile eludes captors

THE 3-meter long crocodile which has been swimming around Phuket’s Nai Harn beach for 2 days now has still to be caught with the team of hunters hindered by high waves and the reptile’s strong condition, INN News reported today (July 20, 2018).

Swimming is strictly forbidden at Nai Harn beach with half of it blocked off by the hunters, among whom are Krai Thong River Basin Tapi team from southern inland fisheries prevention and suppression center, municipality officials, lifeguards, police from Chalong station and Third Naval Command Area officers.

The other half is open for tourists to enjoy some of their holiday activities.

One of the hunters, Mr Nikhom, said this croc is not yet in a weak condition and is swimming about 50 meters away from the beach.  It tends to dive into the water every 15 minutes.

The hunting team had to adjust its plans from time to time because the wind and waves are very strong. An earlier plan, to use a seine to drive the dangerous reptile ashore, did not work because the croc immediately dives into the water when it sees light with the sea also being very choppy.

The team is thinking about using some other equipment to catch the crocodile, but in Mr Nikhom’s opinion, the best way is to wait for it to weaken then drive it ashore.


Top: Crocodile hunters at Nai Harn beach. Photo: INN News

First below: The crocodile that has been swimming near Nai Harn beach for 2 days now. Photo: Thai News Agency