The Phuket’s Beverly Hill

PHUKET is the destination of different relaxation styles no matter you want to party hard, visit religious and historical avenues, explore some adventurous activities or chill in a luxury neighborhood. If the last one is your answer, the north of Phuket like Cherngtalay could be the best place to be.

Choices of luxury accommodation


Cherngtalay is one of the centers gathering numerous high-end resorts and private villas at different prices, sizes and designs, from exotic famous brands to the most boutique ones. The people who choose to stay in this area of the island are usually couples and families who seek calmness and comfort so you can expect friendly and peaceful neighbors surrounding your home away from home.


Chilling beaches



The charm of beaches in the north of the island is that they are calmer and quieter than those on the south or west coast. It’s perfect for a relaxing sun tan session or a family picnic on the beautiful sandy beach that allows you to listen to the wave and sea breeze.


Beach clubs


If you’re not a fan of crowded expat bar but looking for a place to chill out with your loved ones or group of friends, Cherngtalay features some nice beach clubs that offer you an upscale choice for hanging out. These beach clubs are great to visit both during daytime and night time. During the day, you can experience the stunning view of the north coast ocean with a sip of refreshment or some mouthwatering brunch by the sea with some chilling music while during the night, they also serve dinner with a list of great drinks. Some of them offer theme nights, DJs, and live music as well.



Horse riding on the beach


There may be other horse riding in the farms in Phuket but there’s nowhere else in Phuket where you can ride a horse on the beach like at Bangtao Beach. The horse riding company is located on the way to Laguna. It’s a great experience no matter if you are with your family, children, or your loved ones. Ride along each other and observe the beautiful edgeless ocean of the Andaman paradise.




One of the most popular golf courses is also located in this area, which is Laguna Golf Course. To fulfill the luxury holiday, get some hours of challenging golf sessions with your group in the greenish surrounding of world standard golf course and see who’s paying for the luxury dinner tonight!


By Nattha  Thepbamrung