Small Koh Kradan is a hidden gem

WHILE Phuket and Samui islands are famous worldwide as premier holiday destinations, another island worth visiting is the small Koh Kradan off southwestern coastal Trang province. invited holidaymakers to visit the Sevenseas Resort on this island, which belongs to Thai star Kathaleeya McIntosh (aka Mam) and her businessman husband Songkran Grachangnetara (aka Beebee), to fully enjoy the wide open sea and smooth sandy beach, and if you feel like it, lie down on a comfortable pillow and look at the sky.

Koh Kradan is not a very large island, and according to it has an area of approximately 2.4 square kilometers or 600 acres.

Most of this island, which is named for its oblong shape, is controlled by Hat Chao Mai National Park but the rest is privately owned.

Sevenseas Resort Koh Kradan said that the very clean beach is on the eastern side and runs from the top to the bottom of the island, with the water also being crystal clear.

This island is very peaceful because there are no shopping malls or convenience stores, and  travelers can see how local inhabitants really live.

There are many accommodations available on this island with  one of the them being Sevenseas Resort,  which is near the sea and each room and villa is decorated in a modern style.  Be warned though that the room rates might be a little high, but this really depends on your budget.

However, visitors will not be disappointed because this is a beautiful island!


Top, in-text and below: The beautiful Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan. Photos:

Trang Koh Kradan Sevenseas Resort

Sevenseas resort Koh Kradan Trang