Water heaters flying off the shelves at Phu Thap Boek

WITH the temperature dropping steadily at central Phetchabun province and it turning chilly up on Phu Thub Boek and Khao Koh mountains there is a big rush to buy warm clothes but a greater urgency is to buy and install water heaters particularly at hotels and resorts because tourists refuse to stay at places that don’t have them, INN News reported today (Nov. 9).

This has led to brisk sale of water heaters at modern trade outlets with manufacturers too holding special events to sell directly to buyers.

Wanchai Chaiyarom, president of Phu Thub Boek tourist association, said although tourists like coming up to the mountain to enjoy the cold air they also want to bathe in hot water and when they book a room most will ask whether there is a water heater installed.

This has led to every resort having to install these machines.

Earlier a tourist who bathed in cold water during very cold weather went into a shock and had to be taken to the hospital and luckily survived.

Miss Palm Suebsukwong, 30, a Phu Thab Berk Community Enterprise employee, said tourists staying in tents use separate communal bathrooms for men and women where 4 gas water heaters are installed.

Gas-powered heaters have been chosen because there are frequent blackouts here and sometimes it is for a long period, she said, adding these blackouts mean if resorts don’t have water heaters they won’t get any guests.


Top: Tents set up at Phu Thub Boek for tourists to stay in. Photo: INN News