Hua Hin shark ‘was tasting bitten tourist’

WHILE authorities have confirmed that the Norwegian tourist was bitten by a shark at a Hua Hin beach last Sunday (April 15), they also mentioned that the large marine animal had bitten the victim to taste whether he was edible or not and had not yet mounted a full attack, reported today (April 18).

Mr Thasphol Krachangdara, a fishing academic at the Andaman Sea Fisheries Research and Development Center (Phuket), thinks it was a bull shark that bit the tourist, with this particular type of shark being very fierce when it is hungry or during the mating season.

This species of shark usually eats from evening to night near coastals areas, which is close to 4 p.m. when the tourist was bitten at Hua Hin’s Sai Noi beach.

It was tasting whether the victim was edible or not and when found to be unfamiliar, it let the tourist go, he added.

So he suggests that signs be posted to warn tourists who swim and play in the seawater of the danger they face from sharks, and also that nets be installed to protect them.

Prachuab Kriri Khan province’s Deputy Governor Chotnarin Kerdsom has suggested 6 measures to protect tourists from sharks:

  1. All units concerned put up warning signs for both Thai and foreign tourists;
  2. A special force from the local administration, the municipality, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Tourist Police and the Army be raised to watch and help tourists;
  3. Tourists be told to avoid turbid seawater for their own safety;
  4. Tourists warned not to wear  yellow or orange color clothes, bright or reflective clothes, or any color similar to fish when going into the seawater;
  5. Tourists cautioned to go into the seawater in groups and not alone because of the risk of running into marine animals;
  6. Tourists told they should not go into deep water far from the beach because it would be difficult to help them.


Top: Senior officials visiting the Norwegian tourist who was bitten by a shark last Sunday. Photo: