108 gamblers arrested in Nonthaburi

Ronarong Thipsiri from the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) along with 50 officials from the Department went to inspect an illegal casino in the main city of Nonthaburi Province. 108 gamblers were arrested inside the building, officials also discovered evidence including 200,000 THB cash, Hi-Low board, and 2 gaming machines. Hi-low in Thailand is mainly played on a Hi-low board with a dice shaker and 2-3 dice. Players will place their money on a number on the board from 1-6, once the dice results come up the winner then takes whatever the winnings are.


Credit: INN News


DOPA received notifications from locals in the area who are worried about the spread of Covid-19 inside a local illegal casino. There are groups of people still coming in to play Hi-low every day even in the current Coronavirus situation. With fears from the locals in the area officials from the Department went to inspect the building. Information revealed that the location is right by the Nonthaburi Market.


When officials arrived in Soi Piboonsongkram 32 near the market, gamblers were inside enjoying the games. In the pictures all of the gamblers are wearing a mask, although they cannot fight the gambling addiction inside of them the gamblers choose to wear protection against Covid-19. The officials arrested all of them before they had a chance to escape along with the evidence to be used in the case.


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Illegal gambling in Thailand is very common, through card games, Hi-low boards, and online gambling. Gambling is illegal in Thailand and gamblers are commonly arrested, but it is still very common to see the Hi-low game being played in public including at temple fairs, weddings, and other celebrations. During our current times it is best to stay home, not only will you stay out of trouble with the law, but you will also have a lower risk of catching Covid-19.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Hi-low gambling is very popular in Thailand and these gamblers still came to play during the Covid-19 situation.


Source: INN News